“Maxine at a Brighter Day Therapies was highly recommended to me back in August 2018. At that time, my life was in crisis. I had severe panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety and I was drinking lots to self-medicate. I temporarily went on medication, to which I was amazed of Maxine’s knowledge of them. Due to side effects, I decided to come off the medication and Maxine supported me through the hardest 8 months of my life, which I didn’t touch a single drop of alcohol. My panic attacks are a thing of the past and my anxiety is more than controlled through simple tactics, exercise and diet. My life has improved hugely in 12 months,
I’m 3 stone lighter and my business prospects are on an international level.

Maxine is a great person, extremely empathetic and a really good energy to be around. I genuinely believe that I owe her my life!”

Derek W, East Hull
“I am writing to share my experience of my counselling sessions with Jayne Haymes at a Brighter Day Therapies. I came to see Jayne, after breaking up with my long term partner, and at the time I had low self-esteem and was very depressed. I was at an all-time low. Jayne used strategies to help me to rebuild my
self-esteem and confidence over a period of time.

Today, I am in a new relationship and have just started a new course at college, something I never thought I would never be able to do! I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Jayne for giving me my life back!! I would recommend Jayne (and have done!) to anyone for counselling. My experience with her has been fantastic,
and I would definitely go back to her if I needed counselling in the future.”

Julie F, Hornsea
“Maxine at a Brighter Day Therapies has supported me through therapy on a number of occasions. She has always been patient, honest and open which has allowed me to return to her at various difficult chapters in my life knowing that she will help me process what is happening and make the changes I need to move on.

Maxine has always been creative in therapy, allowing me to explore different ways of looking at things and access thoughts and memories that I may not have been able to by merely talking. For example, we undertook a big piece of collage work and some journaling which allowed me to visually see my journey and where I wanted to be.
This is something I have kept and refer back to at times.

Maxine has certainly been an anchor at some very difficult times for me. Her approach is gentle but also challenging which has worked well for me.
I would not hesitate to recommend Maxine to anyone for therapy.”

Louise S, Hessle
“We searched and searched for a therapist for my daughter. It was important to find someone who I thought my daughter would feel comfortable with and had the qualifications and experience to really make a difference. It was a long and frustrating process. I was at a loss – my daughter was unhappy and angry and kept everything bottled up. Then I found Jayne at a Brighter Day Therapies. She really felt a connection with Jayne and was able to express her feelings. Jayne helped my daughter to get to a better happier place and I am so grateful to her, she was my lifesaver and gave me back the daughter I lost through depression I can’t thank her enough.”
Jill T, Hessle
“From the first session with Maxine at a Brighter Day Therapies, I felt very comfortable and reassured and knew I had come to the right person. She is very friendly and approachable, but also professional. She has helped me through some major events in my life, which a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought was possible
I now feel I have the tools I need to overcome any problems I encounter.”
Hannah O, Barton upon Humber
“I contacted Jayne at A Brighter Day Therapies to discuss anxiety related to health problems. She provided practical steps for helping me not only manage my anxiety but get a clearer picture of what was causing it.
I suffer with low-self-esteem and anxious thoughts, and Jayne set to work teasing apart who I was as a person, looking into family history and issues. The homework she assigned was very helpful, as were the questionnaires and personality profiles she assigned.
I found Jayne very empathetic. She has a good sense of humour and is an excellent listener.
Her professionalism, knowledge, positive and supportive attitude have made all the difference in guiding me through the journey to recovery.
I cannot thank Jayne enough for what she has done for me . I know I will only continue towards full recovery, as I work with her through my anxiety condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jayne to anyone struggling with anxiety.”
Jeanette - Sigglesthorne

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